Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The F. P. Miller Report!

    Have you noticed that you cannot pick up a paper, read the internet news, or watch TV without someone telling us how bad the state of the economy is in the U.S.?  Even when they have something good to report, they follow it up with something bad.  You would think that all this talk would mean that we would be sitting on our hands here at F. P. Miller, our backs to the wall, fourth down and forever.  Not true by any means, our rebuild facility is as busy as it has been in years.  We have machines being built out, Blanchard Grinder components coming in from all over the country to be rebuilt and just a pile of repair work scheduled into December.  We decided many years ago to do our best to provide quality service and workmanship with awesome customer support.   
    Here at F. P. Miller it seems that we will control our own destiny, regardless of what the economist say.  The biggest issue we are having right now is locating late model, good condition machinery to purchase.  If you have surplus machinery for sale like, CNC machines, larger manual machine tools and fabrication equipment that is taking up space on your floors, give us a call.  Of course we want to sound hip in this blog, so please be reminded to “bookmark” our web page, “friend “ us on Facebook and “follow” us on Twitter or just pick up the phone and call us.  (517-787-3100)

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