Tuesday, October 18, 2011


One of the worst lines ever mentioned in the sales business is “How can I earn your business”. I hear this every time I go to a new and used automobile car lot and it drives me crazy. In our world if you have to ask someone what it takes, it usually means you have not invested any time. I have spent many hours pondering on why one company does business with another and what it would take to get our foot in the door to get some of that business. We stand behind the idea that if you conduct yourself in an ethical, responsible manner and perform good service to your customer and your company that you will present yourself with further opportunities as they become available. We are in the business of buying and selling used machine tools for a profit, which means we purchase at wholesale so that we can sell at retail. In a nut shell we purchase your risks for inventory and they become our risks to sell, a pretty simple premise. After over sixty five years of business, we would hope that we have built a reputation of ethical practices and serve a purpose to our customers. Most of our customers we have “earned” by having many years of doing business together and many of our new customers come to us via a referral from past customers. What we have found to be true in the market is that all businesses have many avenues to dispose of and purchase their machine tools, we buy for inventory on speculation used machine tools………….maybe we should talk? Of course I must throw in my pitch to “like” or “Friend” us on Facebook or if you are rally hip, sign up to follow us on Twitter.