Monday, June 16, 2014

Is a Re-manufactured Blanchard Grinder right for you?

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We receive a lot of calls from customers inquiring with us about re-manufactured Blanchard Grinders.  Not so much about the process , but more in regards to pricing.  My standard line is that it is not is not "cheap" to have us re-manufacture your machine nor is it it quick.  On average the smaller sized machines like the 20" to 42" will take any where from 15-18 weeks to "build".  The larger machines like the 60" and up can take as long as 22-30 weeks from start to finish.  In regards to pricing they are probably 60-70% of what a new machine would cost.  Now of course a new one would be full CNC, but then this is not an option most of ouor customers are looking for.

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Unlike a CNC Vertical mill or lathe, a re-manufactured Blanchard once in place in your operation, a well maintained Blanchard should run trouble free for many, many years.  And in regards to the question of buying used versus buying re-manufactured, it most of the time boils down to one thought process: "Do you want to run parts every day or do you want to have your process disrupted with repairs?  Some of these repairs can be extremely costly and once you start soaking money into your used machine it becomes harder and harder to justify a different option.

We just finished a 26HD-48, 48" Blanchard for a customer out in Washington.  This machine came in worn from many years of productive use but the owner wanted to hold better tolerances and was tired of it racking up the repairs.  We just ran this machine off for him and it is holding .0002" (two tenths of a thousand) over the 48" chuck flatness.  This is the type of work that we get from our 15 Blanchard Technicians every day.

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Click here to take a look at the video of the 48" machine you have a machine that is ready for a re-manufacture?  Of course if it is not in your budget for a machine like this we still have many parts in stock as well as chuck controls and segment holders.  We also provide gear box exchanges, spindle rebuilds, magnetic chuck repair and re-surfacing on site repair.  If you would like more information regarding ouor Blanchard Trade in or re-manufacture program. click this link or contact our sales staff at sales@fpmiller.oom 

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Depleted Depreciation affects you....Section 179 Deduction

I am sitting here this morning listening to our technicians re-manufacturing Blanchard Grinders out in our facility. These are awesome built machines that will ship to small mom and pop shops as well as fortune 500+ shops all over the country and abroad.  I thought it might be a good day to stand on a soap box and bring attention to a huge change in the depreciation tax code for 2014 for all of us machinery folks and manufacturers alike.

At the end of the 2013, the Section 179 Deduction that allowed you to write off up to $500,000 of new and used Capital Equipment purchases plus 50% of anything over $500,000 in the first year reverted back menial $25,000.  The MDNA (Machinery Dealers National Organization) upon questioning some of our government officials have been told that this is not a priority right now, instead their focus is JOBS?  I agree that while making new opportunities for jobs is very important, so are the machines and equipment used to do those jobs.  Lets face it, with the advent of new and changing technology in the machining industry the equipment that you are purchasing this year for your facilities will be outdated by technology in two or three years, yet under the current depreciation code you will be depreciating it for the next 7 -10 years.  
In my opinion, it is up to all of us to contact our senators and congressman and let them know how important it is to review Section 179 deduction limit.  Capital Equipment purchases mean new jobs as well as allowing manufacturers to be competitive in the marketplace.

Note: These are my opinions only, feel free to comment, dislike of file in the can.  But if you want to contact me send me an e-mail.

Thanks for listening,
Craig L. Ward-C.E.A.
General Manager