Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sign up for a chance to win an iPad!

Well after a long 4th of July week-end I for one can tell you that my Facebook got sunburned and I tweeted myself into dragging rear end today at work! There, for all of you that don’t think a fifty year old can be hip in the social media scene I have used the words both in the same sentence…my kids will be proud as they were shocked that I had a Twitter account at all. Speaking of supreme ideas, I figured that since we have these awesome ways of connecting our buyers and sellers as to what’s going on at F. P. Miller Company, I needed to get everyone hooked up into our social media stream. So asking folks that are much smarter about these things (and younger I might add), they have come up with an idea to do a giveaway. If you sign up to “like” us on Facebook or “follow” us on Twitter, you will be entered in a drawing to win an Apple iPad. I will go one step further, I have twenty (20) Premium Nike hats with the F.P. Miller logo on them and I will draw twenty more names in a “second chance” drawing after the I-Pad winner is drawn. Of course I would be happy to send you a hat if you have some machinery to sell that we might be interested in also! All right, I will stop now before I start sounding like a TV add, one note though, you do not have to purchase anything to enter, just interested in what we are selling , buying, repairing or rebuilding. You can sign up at our web page or Facebook site.

If you are not interested in signing up that is A-OK also, bookmark our web page . We update it every day and it is a great place to see what we have in stock and what is going on at our re-manufacturing facility. We are still looking for all types of late model CNC equipment and we can always use another Blanchard to add to the forty or so we have in stock in the warehouse.

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