Thursday, May 19, 2011

Antique Blanchard Restoration

As most of you know, we remanufacture a lot of Blanchard rotary surface grinders during any given year. Currently we are undertaking the restoration of a very unusual Blanchard in our shop. It is a #16-26 Blanchard, serial number 893, which was manufactured in 1919. We have had it under power and it actually runs like a clock! We will be blogging about this machine over the next few months as our team of Blanchard techs restore this antique to its original state and then place it in our shop as a show piece. You can check out photos of the Blanchard as we progress on our Facebook page.
-Craig Ward

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  1. We have a Blanchard from 1915 that we acquired from HGR surplus. Leather flat belt driven. Serial number 808 i believe. When we found that the abrasive wheel sections were cracked we called Blanchard for replacements. The guy was confused when we named such a short serial number and he told us something must be wrong. We told him it was very old and he says “oh crap one of those”. Amazingly they were able to get replacements to us in a few weeks. Still works like a top (kind of. The bearings are really loud but we plan to keep running it since the price to replace them would surpass the 1,000 bucks we paid for it