Tuesday, May 1, 2012

"Built in America"

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the MDNA (Machinery Dealers National Association) convention out in San Diego, CA.  We had one of the biggest turn-outs of all times with 240 used machinery dealers and auctioneers in attendance.  Please consider your MDNA dealer for your next purchase or selling of your surplus equipment.  The buzz in the crowd was overwhelming in regards to great business times and all the work that is heading back to the good old USA.  One of our events scheduled for the week was a tour of the USS Midway Aircraft Carrier floating Museum.  This was an incredible view into the complexities and order of a floating city of 4500 crew.  The sheer size of this carrier was incredible and every one that got off that ship from our group felt a sense of chest pounding for our military here in the USA.

When I returned from that night, I turned on the television and like an explanation mark on the evening, there was a story on the news about a business back in Detroit, MI that is making flat panel televisions.  The company is Element and they are using a lot of ex-automotive workers in the assembly lines to assemble these televisions.  The packaging is a stand out in itself, red, white and blue with "Built in the USA" all over it! 

This same "Built in America" concept we have taken here at F. P. Miller Company.  As most of you know from my previous posts, we specialize in Re-Manufacturing Blanchard Grinders.  These machines have been around since 1916 with over 16,000 machines built and are recognized in the industry as the standard for grinding, the word "Blanchard Ground" is used as commonly as "Crescent Wrench".  Now of course we are not building these machines new, but we are totally re-manufacturing the used ones into "Like New" machines that hold, in most cases, tolerances greater that when they were originally manufactured.  Our technicians take pride in the build outs and our success is shown in the numbers of machines that we are providing our satisfied customers.  Finishing out or fiscal year in March, we shipped a record number of  Blanchard Grinders checking in at 20 machines, Re-Manufactured in the USA!

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Craig L. Ward-C.E.A.
General Manager

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