Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Social Media Scheme

So here is my second attempt at penning a blog. I have many things to say and picking one of them took longer than putting it to paper as I am a man of many words (a lot of them don’t mean much also). My subject today is our attempt to get into the “social media” scheme, get on board, fire up the engine, you know Twitter, Tweet, Facebook, Blog, Text and what the heck other random words that are now part of our society. The folks that look for machinery are getting younger every day and we figure if we are going to move this 65 year old company forward, we better get hooked up on their media, since I am positive they are not looking in the yellow pages or the printed text any more. It seems that this time tested way to find a machine or a machinery dealer are way too slow for our modern day buyers. Type one manufactures name and model in the Google bar and as Gomer Pile coined the phrase, Shazzam, instant machines and quotes with the touch of a mouse. We have a young man straight out of UofM that we have bribed to teach a bunch of very old dogs, new tricks. Good luck with that Pete, you can measure success when you get a tweet from your Uncle Steve that he now accepts text messaging. For the rest of you, stay tuned as we get hip in the social media. By the way, feel free to “be our Facebook friend” or “Twitter follower”.

-Craig Ward

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